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September 11, 2009

How do you know if Right Action is Happening?

What is Right Action and how do you know if it is happening in your life? when events fall into place like dominoes you know that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

What’s an example?

Let’s say you’re searching for a new career position. In one case, you send in a resume and don’t get a response. You can assume it wasn’t the right position for you. You try again with another company and are asked in for an interview. However, after repeated follow-up they don’t respond. Again, it wasn’t the right position otherwise, they’d be after you. Don’t bang you’re head against the wall. Now let’s say you go to a job fair, are interviewed by several people are called back for another interview and are then offered a position, it’s most likely the right thing. This assumes it was in an area that you liked in the first place.

After 12 years of working for the federal government I decided to leave. In sending an email out to a number of contacts, I received a response from one within 15 minutes. This company invited me to interview on a Sat., a follow up interview came right away and I knew if I didn’t say anything stupid, I’d get the job. Events fell into place like dominoes. That’s an example of right action.

When you’re on the right path doing the right thing, right action happens. You know it because events fall into place easily. If it didn’t work out, it wasn’t the right thing.

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