The Universe Has Perfect Timing

November 22, 2009

There’s a saying that there’s no loose ends in the universe.  Everything happens for a reason. It’s all a perfect puzzle. How does it all come together? Ever wonder how you plan a lunch date with a friend and both get to the restaurant at exactly the same time – perhaps even pulling into parking spaces next to each other? It’s happened to me. Here are some examples that happened to me over this one weekend.

Events come together perfectly – Over the last two weeks, I’ve had a series of important tasks that all needed to be finished by this weekend – by Nov. 21 to be exact. I worked fevorishly to get them all done, sometimes wondering if I had the ability to do it, then gaining confidence that I could do it and finally seeing the home stretch knowing that I would be able to do it. I also knew that I was doing what I was guided to do –  that right action was happening – I was following my life’s purpose and these activities were part of the master plan. One by one things fell into place. Thurs. Nov. 20 was an eventful day indeed – I finished one task by 5pm, another by 1AM and then took a breather to get the rest of my monthly newsletter complete by 5pm the next day. All was done by Nov. 21 as required.

And then I realized that although I was packed to go out of town on Saturday Nov. 22, it occured to me how perfectly the timing turned out. I completed these tasks and then got a “gift” of a weekend away. How wonderful! I was able to enjoy a lovely fall weekend in the fresh air, with some spiritually-minded people and had the chance to shamelessly promote my forthcoming book. Even a couple of offers to hold a book signing.  Almost too good to be true.

Perfect arrival – I arrived at the hotel on Sat. suitcase and other bags in hand, thinking, “it would be great if someone would come along to open the door for me”.  At that moment, a hand opened the door and totally took me by surprise. It was the friend I was meeting! There he was at the door, holding it open for me, as if on queue. There’s no way we could have planned it.

Perfect drive And to top off such a wonderful weekend after completion of tasks, with a total sense of accomplishment, I realized the Universe had perfect timing in one more way. My car – in the shop being repaired from the deer collision (see prior post) – wasn’t ready on Friday as promised. Although I didn’t want to drive a rental car 80 miles each way, preferring the familiarity and comfort of my own car, it wasn’t ready. I had a premonition Friday morning so when the shop called to tell me of the delay I was disappointed but not surprised. Then it dawned on me – the miles were included on the rental program that the insurance company was covering – and not on my own car. Sure, I had to pay for the gas, but wear and tear on my car was saved.

There are no loose ends. The Universe has perfect timing! It’s awesome!

Guided to be a publisher

November 4, 2009

Over the last few days, the universe has been guiding me on how to publish my book, The Circle of Life – A Journey Through Grief to Understanding. There are so many options to consider when publishing a book. Of course, I tried to get a standard contract but when one appeared, it wasn’t particularly attractive. Several local author’s told me to “CREATE YOUR OWN PUBLISHING COMPANY!” while others recommended just about every method possible. But the loudest voices in my head were the ones to CREATE for myself. I kept mulling the figures, the issues, the circumstances over in my head until I was surely in to the classic analysis paralysis.

So what happened?  The universe set me straight. A couple nights ago, I was driving along the road near my home, deep in thought, when my car was rocked and there was a loud thud on my driver’s door. As I turned to my left to see what caused the impact, I saw the face of a deer directly in my side window. Luckily, I was only going about 30 mph, but the deer hit the car directly. How badly was it hurt, I wondered? Pulling around the next bend, I turned around to search for the deer hoping not to see him (or her). At first, I didn’t see anything, but when I made another turn to come around again full circle I saw the deer in the same spot where it had been impacted by my car, still alive and sitting up.

What did I do?  Not wanting anyone else to get hurt, and hopefully wanting to help the deer, I drove another block to the local fire station to report the incident to the police. Inside the fire station a very nice fireman calmed me down, as I was visibly shaken – I felt bad for the deer – then we began to chat while waiting for the police to arrive. After about 30 min. I realized that the police hadn’t responded to the call made by Max, the fireman. Max and I were involved in a spiritual discussion about near death experiences and other interesting happenings of firemen. He then offered to check out my car to determine is there was any damage (not much – just the front bumper was scraped and bented a bit) and informed me how lucky I was not to have been hurt.

What was the result?  Although Max called the police again, this time a different dispatcher informed him that a deer hitting a car wasn’t a reportable incident (for my insurance company) and if the police found the deer they’d put it down. Oh no!  So Max agreed to go with one of his fireman buddies to check out the deer and see if he could help it (perhaps call the animal control). I left the station and was pleased to not find the deer – at least not in the road when I did another drive around. So the deer didn’t die in the road, and was only bruised by the impact (one can hope).

How was I guided? what does all this mean? people impact deer all the time. why was this incident so special? I was about to leave the house at 7:45 pm dressed to go out for the evening to a favorite dance place I hadn’t been to in a long time since my legs were bothering me. As I was leaving my bedroom, something pulled me back to my computer to search for a logo for my newed named publishing company (I went to the court house yesterday to file for my company name). I didn’t leave the house until 8:15 pm as a result (having created my new logo with an on-line service. I’ve been driving for over 30 years and have never hit a deer. But my timing was so perfect this night that I hit one. WHY?

Perhaps the universe was telling me that my decision to go out was not a good one. My legs were not up to dancing (hence I turned around and went home after the fire station). I got some nice conversation with Max anyway (one of the reasons I wanted to go out in the first place). What’s the probability of that? And, perhaps the other reason is that deciding on which publishing option is….

not a life or death decision. the deer might live or die.. I wasn’t killed.. but I could have been… so could have the deer. but deciding on this option or that, this number of copies or this paper or that website is not life or death…. the precision with which all this occured reminded me once again that nothing in the universe happens by change…. there are no loose ends…. it is all perfect. I also found out that I was totally covered by my insurance company for the damage to the car… again I got the message… it was all perfectly arranged..

I knew at this point the message was clear. The answers to all my questions would come as I needed them. I got into bed knowing this.

This morning everything fell into place. I called my editor, we talked and one by one each decision seemed to be made. Today everything seems so much easier and alot less expensive than I thought. The universe is coming through for me.

 Just listen to your messages and the answers will be there also.

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