Overcoming the Fear of Change

March 24, 2010

There is an expression that the only thing to fear to fear itself. Us humans like things that become routine and simple (at least many of us do). We become complacent in our every day world and are happiest when things settle down and simplify. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? Sometimes we stay in relationships past the point when they need changing. They can be with spouses, with friends or with businesses. Today, I’m addressing the latter. It’s often difficult to establish a good working relationship with our business partners – the dentist, doctor, cleaners, tailor, etc. and alot easier to just stay with the same individuals or organizations than to change even when their customer service starts to go south.

But, the divine plan is perfect in all ways. Sometimes we are lead to make changes even when it’s not comfortable. This can happen particularly when it’s in our best interest. Lately, I’ve had a few issues with my dentist’s office not respecting my personal situation. They called and canceled appointments due to problems in their office just before their vacation, cutting me off from end of year/or end of period benefits. I let it go the first time but was in a real pickle the second time.

The situation was such that I had to schedule with a different dentist. The particular work had to be scheduled as I was going to lose my benefits by the end of the month and they were going on vacation. I quickly checked my plan’s on-line provider listing, found a dental office within 3 miles and made an appointment. Wow, how fast it was! Then I wondered why I had been so reticent to change earlier. The next day I went to the new office and the staff was terrific. And, this new office turned out to be less expensive so my out of pocket expense was even less than expected. I was totally satisfied. After leaving the new office, I quietly thanked the universe for guiding me to a quality, reasonably priced and close in dentist that could adequately serve my needs.

Why had I been so afraid to change? Now I feel more open about other changes in my life. Once we start changing in one area and it goes well, we feel free to make changes in other areas. I wonder what will come next? There’s nothing to fear for the universe supports me in all that I say and do!

The Circle of Life – A Journey Through Grief to Understanding – books are available!

March 4, 2010

After months of editing, interior formatting, cover design and lots of hic cups in the process, my books are printed! The first copies were shipped this week and copies are on hand. I sent out the first orders as well as some complementary review copies today.

My goal is to generate interest via blogging here, guest blogging (please invite me) and through contacting organizations such as Hospice, Alzheimer’s Assn/Foundation, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, as well as other grief/holistic/spiritual groups.

Please contact me with ideas on how to market on a shoe string. Also, my book is perfect for book groups or the subject of a study group on after death communication, spiritual laws and/or the circle of life (divine order).

Just in time, right on queue, now that the heavy lifting is about up, a consulting position is looking promising to bring me more income and financial security once again. The universe is truly working according to a divine plan. When you continue to have faith in the process, the process works.

Does the Law of Abundance Really Work?

March 1, 2010

What is the Law of Abundance? Does it really work if we apply it in our lives?

The Law of Abundance states that what we give out comes back to us multiplied (much like the Law of Attraction) but it refers to how we deal with money, our time, helping others, tips, – in short ” our finances” whether material, physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature.

For example, if we walk around with a torn wallet, we are sending a message to the universe that we don’t honor ourselves enough to buy a new wallet. “We’re not worth it” or “we can’t afford it”, or “We don’t want to spend the money on ourselves”. No matter how you slice it, it’s not a good idea to carry around a wallet that’s really tattered.

Another example is if we worry about our bills all the time. We are sending a message out that we don’t have enough money, we stress about it and that’s what we get back – more stress and more bills and more stress and more bills.

Perhaps someone asks you to help them at work, wants to borrow a chair at work when you have two or a friend needs to talk… and you don’t have time…

The above examples are called being in Scarcity – the opposite of Abundance. Being in Abundance is believing that you have enough, trusting that the universe is limitedless and that you will be provided for one way or another.

How does this work in practice? Let’s say you’re on a budget for whatever reason and you want to exhibit Abundance – send a donation to a charity anyway. Even a small one. It shows that you get the concept of Abundance – that of sharing what little you have. Help others, put yourself out there, for when the time comes, you may need the help back.

The same goes for tips. There are some things that I feel I need even when times are tough and that’s getting my nails done. I can go longer on hair cuts, but not my nails. However, my nail lady offers to fore go her tip knowing that I’m on the short side. But I won’t have it. I tell her, “Michelle, for you, I always have money”. She does a wonderful job. She cares and I care back. It’s one of those relationships that’s a joy in my life – she makes me feel blessed.

If you follow the Law of Abundance, what can you expect?

We had terrible snows here in the Northern Virginia area and my lower level had considerable damage forcing me to make an insurance claim. Fortunately, I’m covered except for my deductible. Because I’m in the universal flow, am in Abundance, the universe responded to my need. The same week, a client turned up without my doing anything and bought coaching hours, and an unexpected check came in the mail. The total? Exactly enough to cover the insurance deductible! That’s the Law of Abundance at work.

The universe has a way of letting us know when we are doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reason – we get feedback – if we pay attention to our messages. Comments are always welcome.

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