The Path to Getting our Life Lessons- Part 1 – Awareness

June 23, 2010

First we have to understand our nature. We are essentially energy beings. We are made up of energy. According to Quantum theory, the energy of stuff – including light particles, reacts even when separated in another room. Thus our bodies, since we’re made of the same core energy that light’s made of, will react when people or other living beings are nearby. We experience this everyday when we meet someone for the first time and either immediately like them, dislike them or have specific feelings about this person.

What are the feelings based on? We react to the energy that the person emits. Our unique energy pattern is our very own symphony. I call this unique energy that a person radiates, their symphony. Your symphony is a very special message that you send out to the world. It is based on the energy coming from all of your energy centers that speak to how you take care of yourself, deal with life issues, are in fear or love, if you are using your spiritual gifts, how well you are firmly planted in your body and if you are connected to your divine essence, among other things. Wow, that’s a lot! It sure is.

Since our reactions can be positive or negative, we need to understand what’s going on. But let’s take it from the person’s viewpoint. They are sending out either positive or negative energy in order for us to have this reaction. We are merely “reacting” to what they are sending out since like attracts like. What is an example? If you are around a happy, positive person, then you tend to feel vibrant, welcomed and high spirited yourself. As a result, one would lean towards liking a positive person. Therefore, a positive person gets positive reactions from the world mirrored back to them. The situation also works in reverse. No one likes to be around a mean-spirited, fussy individual and thus such a person would find that people tend to avoid, cut off or not wish to interact with them.

 Sometimes we need help to uncover our patterns and the lessons intertwined within. Wow, what if the negative person didn’t get why people wanted to avoid them? What if they wondered, “Why don’t people like me?” This is a pretty straight forward situation, yet there are so many cases like this in the world. People can be quite clueless as to how their behavior emits responses. The beginning of one’s self work is awareness before understanding. Sometimes it takes a teacher or helper to see what’s going on.

When I do an energy reading on my clients during our first meeting, I get a wealth of information about this person without them telling me. The look on their faces lets me know how true my results are and how well connected we become as a result. Then our work together can begin to uncover the root of their understanding of their energy patterns.


June 16, 2010


Life after grief

June 16, 2010

The Circle of Life – A Journey Through Grief to Understanding, is author and intuitive Joanne Aaronson’s personal account of after death communication in order to promote a spiritual perspective on death and dying.

Where does this philosophy originate? The continuation of the soul after life, through a wheel of rebirths is

Healing from grief

known as reincarnation in the East. It is also integral to the Jewish religion through Kabbalah – the recurring wheel of rebirth enabling the soul to attain perfection. The point is that death is not the end. We do continue on, yes in another form, but we never cease to exist. As Einstein said, “Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes shape.” Thus a soul that has lived in this physical dimension carries on in another form in the next. Knowing that your loved one continues on provides a degree of comfort.

Death is not the end and under certain circumstances, communication with the departed is possible. Anyone that loses a loved one goes through the stages of grief that are so painful it’s like tearing one’s heart out. Understanding the increasing fortitude, courage and resilience of one widow can provide encouragement to another.

In this amazing story, read how Joanne’s daily guidance helped her mother put her life back together after the only man she ever loved was gone. As is common with the circle of life, there were journeys within journeys, and eventually, the teacher learned from the student. In turn, the reader can learn from the experience of others while being educated along the way. There are underlying spiritual principles presented that can provide guideposts from which to interpret life’s twists and turns during your own journey through the circle of life.

There is life after grief.

Are You Planning for Death or for Life?

June 6, 2010

Most of us live our lives day-by-day planning what will happen. We plan to get a job, work, earn a living in order to buy material things that supposedly bring happiness, only to find that in the end, we all die. It seems so futile. Should we live our lives only to plan our death? Or should we live our lives, knowing that we will eventually die and continue living?

I have a friend whose boss worked way into his 60’s thinking that he’d make more money figuring that he and his wife could enjoy a nicer retirement. This manager reached high levels in his government organization, was well-respected and was always exceptionally dressed. Unfortunately, after returning home from one work day he simply dropped dead. No one really knows what happened. He seemed fine, and then he was gone. But let’s take a closer look. He had lots of friends, but precious little time to enjoy them, or his wife for that matter. There are no guarantees on how much life we all get. The old adage that no one wants an epitaph, “He worked so hard at his job” or nearing death to say, “I wished I had spent more time at the office.”

This incident had a profound impact on my friend and convinced him to reconsider his own choice of when to retire. You see, he had been putting off his own retirement for similar reasons. His ego was wrapped up in what he did by day, and he felt it would be difficult to give up that status. Not only did he find it difficult to give up his position, he spent more time planning his death than he did planning his life. Wow! He had all the arrangements for his funeral figured out, written down and conveyed to close friends. The cemetery lot was purchased – alongside his parents with another space reserved for his sister (where would her husband and family be laid, I wondered?) He even had the music decided. It was so clear to me that his energy was focused on “death” and not “life”. Is it easier to just keep working than to slow down and get in touch with one’s inner self? Without the constant demands of a day job, often people don’t know how to define themselves and merely check-out of life.

But if they only appreciated that we need to understand the game plan better. It doesn’t matter if one is a project manager, a systems integrator, a secretary or a fireman. Each position comes with both status and trials. Every event and situation gives us a learning opportunity as we navigate through the twists and turns of this lifetime.

Work, work, workLife is more than work, and once we know our true mission, it gives us a sense of self and a peace as we move through life. The objective is to slow down and listen to self. Then and only then, can we learn our lessons – no matter what we are doing – whether working a traditional job or “retired”, to put forth the effort to “listen” to that still small voice inside guiding us daily. The signs are always there, it’s just a question of whether we are paying attention. Focusing on life means that we are paying attention and not just moving forward one step at a time until death.

For information on Joanne’s forthcoming inspirational memoir, The Circle of Life – A Journey Through Grief to Understanding – which chronicles the clairaudient messages from her father to console her widowed mother and captures her first year of bereavement to understand there was more to live for as the messages foretold – see

JOANNE AARONSON, a former project management professional, is an ordained minister & intuitive life coach bridging corporate and spiritual worlds through her company, Life Transformations, LLC. She fosters use of one’s inner light, known as intuition to help person’s achieve their highest potential. In addition, Joanne publishes the monthly EmpowerChangeNow Newsletter to encourage creativity and intuitive development as well as writes the more spiritual Joanne’s StarTeacher blog. Contact Joanne at or See:

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