The Path to Getting our Life Lessons- Part 1 – Awareness

First we have to understand our nature. We are essentially energy beings. We are made up of energy. According to Quantum theory, the energy of stuff – including light particles, reacts even when separated in another room. Thus our bodies, since we’re made of the same core energy that light’s made of, will react when people or other living beings are nearby. We experience this everyday when we meet someone for the first time and either immediately like them, dislike them or have specific feelings about this person.

What are the feelings based on? We react to the energy that the person emits. Our unique energy pattern is our very own symphony. I call this unique energy that a person radiates, their symphony. Your symphony is a very special message that you send out to the world. It is based on the energy coming from all of your energy centers that speak to how you take care of yourself, deal with life issues, are in fear or love, if you are using your spiritual gifts, how well you are firmly planted in your body and if you are connected to your divine essence, among other things. Wow, that’s a lot! It sure is.

Since our reactions can be positive or negative, we need to understand what’s going on. But let’s take it from the person’s viewpoint. They are sending out either positive or negative energy in order for us to have this reaction. We are merely “reacting” to what they are sending out since like attracts like. What is an example? If you are around a happy, positive person, then you tend to feel vibrant, welcomed and high spirited yourself. As a result, one would lean towards liking a positive person. Therefore, a positive person gets positive reactions from the world mirrored back to them. The situation also works in reverse. No one likes to be around a mean-spirited, fussy individual and thus such a person would find that people tend to avoid, cut off or not wish to interact with them.

 Sometimes we need help to uncover our patterns and the lessons intertwined within. Wow, what if the negative person didn’t get why people wanted to avoid them? What if they wondered, “Why don’t people like me?” This is a pretty straight forward situation, yet there are so many cases like this in the world. People can be quite clueless as to how their behavior emits responses. The beginning of one’s self work is awareness before understanding. Sometimes it takes a teacher or helper to see what’s going on.

When I do an energy reading on my clients during our first meeting, I get a wealth of information about this person without them telling me. The look on their faces lets me know how true my results are and how well connected we become as a result. Then our work together can begin to uncover the root of their understanding of their energy patterns.

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