My Review of Tripsy for Cat Kidney Disease

March 27, 2011

Originally submitted at Pet Wellbeing Inc.

What is Tripsy

Tripsy for cat kidney disease is a helpful natural formula for use in combination with traditional treatments. Tripsy contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts that are used to:

  • Support healthy kidney function
  • Help protect…

Tripsy shows signs of saving my baby

By Tigerlily20190 from Reston, VA on 3/27/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Gentle, Long-Lasting

Best Uses: Treat Specific Illness, Older Pets

Describe Yourself: Long-Time Pet Owner

My 17-yr old cat Hercules went into renal failure (UREA 186) with accompanying anemia. He was hospitalized for 3 days the following week which lowered his numbers (UREA to 93)and then I started sub-q fluids (100cc 2x day). Within two weeks, his numbers were back up and he was in crisis with anemia so low he was close to the end. He also had severe constipation (blockage) which was finally cleared with the vet using hand manipulation. Meanwhile, I had researched natural options on the internet, found and ordered Tripsy the week before and it came none too soon. Improvement was seen immediately. In addition, the vet prescribed a red blood cell stimulator (Procrit) 3x week which is slowly improving the anemia. The combination of the fluids, Vit B + Iron, Appetite stimulant, Procrit, metamucil/fishoil for constipation, and the Tripsy combine to provide a remedy that seems to be taking my little boy on the upswing. Hercules is eating 1 can/day, walking around the house, lays in the sun and is generally enjoying his life as a geriatric. I don’t know how long he will last but from the other reviews, perhaps it isn’t the end as was predicted by the vet. Thanks Tripsy!




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