Sharing Inner Light

We are all divine creatures, created to be God’s companions and live on the earth plane through each lifetime until we are perfected in love and harmony. As souls in matter, we have an inner light of knowledge and wisdom which is initially veiled to us when born, but is slowly revealed as we age and desire to learn and grow is established. The yearning to be better, to know one another and to be of service is part of being a light worker. Every soul moves forward in their own way and in their own time. Once we are complete, we will go back to whence we came and all will be complete.

Handsoflight (424x283)Ever since I was very young, I wanted to study the ancient wisdom. I’ve been called    “Starteacher” pointing to a deep wisdom beyond my years as well as a desire to teach others.  After many years working in corporate America, and then in semi-retirement helping others to become more balanced and achieve their highest potential, I now wish to continue assisting souls to move forward on their soul path. I call this process, “sharing one’s inner light” and is part of being a light worker.

To this end after 10 years and over 300 paid clients, I will now offer complementary 30 minute intuitive life coaching sessions over Skype at a mutually convenient time during either Monday or Tuesday late afternoon and evening timeframes. The caveat, is that a minimum donation to cover my expenses of $20 be made on PayPal. With this payment, a free copy of my inspirational memoir (to the first 75 applicants) will be sent as well as a donation to a charity such as the Smile Train and/or the ASPCA. Based on my spiritual work, “free” doesn’t work when energy is transferred. Something must come back the other way. To apply for a complementary session, please send a message with your name, phone number, best time /day to reach you and the nature of your life issue ( And, please only use this email for the purpose that it’s intended. No SPAM please!

Always in light, Rev. Joanne


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