Abundance is about not being in scarcity

What is the Law of Abundance? What we give out comes back to us multiplied.

How do we attract abundance? We all want stuff in our lives – friends, support, guidance as well as financial security. The way to attract what we need is to give it out first – something like what I’ve heard called “pay it forward”. Doing it first sets the stage for us to attract it back.

What is scarcity? When we worry about our finances and pinch pennies more than necessary, don’t help others in need, walk around with a torn wallet because we don’t want to replace it then we are essentially in “scarcity mode”. This is definitely negative energy.

Here’s an example of being in abundance and the universe returning the energy of unlimitlessness back to us…. last night I went to a women’s social network group in order to expand my circle of friends. I met a woman who had major stuff going on – a husband that left her on their 25th anniversary and lots of pain in her body. To me, she deserved some help so I offered a free intuitive life coaching session in the hope that I could discover where some of her negative energy was coming from. What was the negative pattern she was holding and how could I help her overcome it? My selfless offer was repaid rather quickly.

This morning I was researching publishing options for my forthcoming book, The Circle of Life-A Journey Through Grief to Understanding. I came upon another author who had used the editor I’m considering and he was most generous with his time in not only giving the editor a referral but in providing his publishing experience and contacts. My abundance came back to me multiplied. He even offered to host a book signing. Wow! He didn’t even know me.

2 Responses to Abundance is about not being in scarcity

  1. John says:

    The law of abundance becomes evident in our daily lives if we live its tenants and give first. What is given will come back to us often in an unexpected form.

    The circumstances described in this blog are totally illustrative of the law of abundance. I concur with the author.


  2. starteacher09 says:

    Thanks John for writing. Feel free to share a specific experience if you’d like.


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