The Circle of Life – A Journey Through Grief to Understanding – books are available!

After months of editing, interior formatting, cover design and lots of hic cups in the process, my books are printed! The first copies were shipped this week and copies are on hand. I sent out the first orders as well as some complementary review copies today.

My goal is to generate interest via blogging here, guest blogging (please invite me) and through contacting organizations such as Hospice, Alzheimer’s Assn/Foundation, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, as well as other grief/holistic/spiritual groups.

Please contact me with ideas on how to market on a shoe string. Also, my book is perfect for book groups or the subject of a study group on after death communication, spiritual laws and/or the circle of life (divine order).

Just in time, right on queue, now that the heavy lifting is about up, a consulting position is looking promising to bring me more income and financial security once again. The universe is truly working according to a divine plan. When you continue to have faith in the process, the process works.

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