The Divine Plan at Work

Once again I find myself being guided by divine providence. Or, perhaps, I’m manifesting what I’ve already created? Just a couple months ago, I found that I needed more money than I was bringing in. Not an uncommon situation. In my case, independent health care and pre-existing conditions resulted in an astronomical monthly premium after my 18 months of COBRA ran out. The additional expense was excessive and I decided to “ask” for help in the way that I know best. I sat down on my bed and said, “God I need help paying for my healthcare”. That’s pretty straight forward. Well, right on schedule, a friend sent me an email and then followed up with a phone call, insisting that I apply for a government position as a project manager. She and I had worked together on a prior job a few years earlier and she was still working at the same location and knew of the need for additional staff. I wasn’t keen on the idea of going back to work for the FED, since I’d already been there and done that, so to speak. But after some consideration I determined that it certainly would be a good way to get my healthcare covered.

 Besides, perhaps this was what I was supposed to do… as in being led by my own guidance to get my prayer answered. I never looked for a job, the opportunity came to me.  Completing the application was quite a chore, as it took several days. I dutifully answered all the questions after looking through my many years of experience. Sometimes I think that one gets a government position through sheer fortitude of will to maneuver through the paperwork process.

Several weeks went by without any word. Then on a most auspicious day, I got an invitation for an interview. It would have been my father’s 93rd birthday, had he not passed on three years earlier. From my vantage point, this was a domino falling into place letting me know that I was on the right track. It was a sign.

 The interview is tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. The right thing is the one that works out.

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