We made it through “12/21/2012”

Today is December 22, 2012 and we’re still here. The sun is out and the day looks very much like any other day, except that it’s a very special day. You see, today is the beginning of a new world age.

According to the Mayans, every 5,125 years is a new beginning called a “world age”. The last time this occurred in 3114 BCE, we as a people were just at the forefront of human civilization as we know it. This time we are supposed to be more spiritual, more aware. Only time will tell if we are either of these. To understand this situation, let’s take a closer look at what it all means.

Remember at the end of 1999 when we all wondered if the clocks on computers were going to cause a catastrophic event when the programmed dials turned beyond December 31, 1999 since they were only “patched” to do so and not built that way? Well as we all know now, on January 1, 2000 we all woke up to find that the world in which computers now had a very important role was operating just fine. The system programmers may have worked late into the night to make sure that nothing happened, but in the end, we were all ok.

What we have now is a situation with similar aspects; expect instead of technical types “saving the day” it is the spiritual types coming to the rescue. According to the Mayans, this fourth world age that we are entering today is for a more enlightened world were balance is restored to the earth. This type of prediction is not unique to the Mayans. A new, brighter world where people work together has been predicted by many cultures. But this is also coming with a mixture of earth changes until the balance occurs. The Mayans predicted that “unless we balance out, the earth will respond”. With a new world age comes changes of many kinds. Some of these changes are part of natural cycles in the earth that happen over such long periods that we are not familiar with them. Take the cycle of the zodiac – the twelve planets that we know by our horoscope – Aries, Pises, Taures, etc. Well, it takes an astonishing 26,000 years for this cycle to occur and guess what, it is happening now. (NASA calls this cycle the procession of the planets and the change point a GREAT YEAR and it occurred on December 20, 2012). We are experiencing the end of one cycle of the planets and the beginning of the next.

The recent hurricanes and tornadoes in my local area of Virginia as well as all up and down the Eastern coast of the US is a testament to these earth changes. But please understand, these ferocious winds, rains and the devastation they cause are not normal, this is true. However, they are part of a larger natural cycle when we look at a much, much larger picture, just not what any of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes, or in this last world age for that matter.

When people say that we are living through special times, it is very true. What we need are people who are spiritual enough to get that we need to bring back balance and harmony into our way of life. Especially at this holiday season where excess in spending, eating, partying can allow us to get totally carried away, we need to remember that this is a time to share, love, extend ourselves and although we need to have fun too, it all needs to be done within a framework of proper balance. Excess is a negative and nothing positive starts from a negative. Let’s all start the New Year from positives. Remember what the theme of the holidays was meant to be and work to regain the spirit of love in any way you can. Only buy what you can afford. Share what you have. Help others less fortunate. Take time out for reflection.

In the end, these small bits of spirit will help the planet to find balance and perhaps help to calm the negative energies that are affecting parts of the globe at this time. It’s been shown that when large groups of people sit in meditation /prayer and send loving energy to a region, there is less conflict. Let’s be part of that energy to help the world be a better place and help to manifest what the Mayans hoped for when they predicted that 2012 would be the end of life as we know it and the start of something new. All the best for the new year…

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