Just Pray for Peace

The world is literally in chaos and I can’t deal with everything at the same time. People are upset about the world stage – there is war in the Ukraine where both Christians and Jews are being killed just because they live there. Many charities are asking for money to help these people and I for one have donated. Hopefully, there is some kind of peaceful settlement of this situation on the horizon. At least we can pray for one. I was dancing with a Ukrainian Jewish guy at a tango dance the other night who told me about the importance of prayer. He informed me of several prior situations that looked quite bleak during which prayer diverted even worse calamity. Could it possibly happen again? Could prayer help those in the Ukraine?

Last week, one of the Jewish organizations that I subscribe to, known as Chabad, held a zoom program with their counterpart in the Ukraine. It was noon in Washington, DC where I live but evening time there. Just outside, the Rabbi was afraid of the shooting and possible bombing expected anytime nearby. During the program, he stated that he might have to suddenly leave. It was like watching a warzone live. I guess it was really. I felt so bad for the people there as he told us how they were protecting the Jewish families as best he could; helping others to reach the border to safety, and still others to just stay alive within the synagogue as a place of refuge. But there is no real refuge from bombs.

I for one was truly impressed at the Rabbi’s words of hope at a positive outcome. He was not a native Ukrainian, but a US-trained clergy that just refused to leave those that become his religious family behind. He was staying! By the end of the zoom program, I was teary-eyed and awed at his bravery in the face of danger as well as his determination. Later, when the program was discussed we all agreed that we had hoped to give them inspiration but it was reverse that happened. We were very much inspired.

Why is this happening? What is our responsibility for all this chaos? The answer can be found on many levels – on the physical plane there is the US Government and its politicians that allowed Russia to overstep its power too many times when it tested us over the years. Now we have a weaker military along with a weaker national security both in terms of national intelligence and in terms of actually being able to fight in a real war. Now we are dependent on oil because the pipeline was shut down. Have you seen the price of oil lately which translates to high prices at the pump? As a result of Russian oil being so expensive and now being embargoed, the price of not just gas, but all things transported are going sky high. Every person domestically and I must guess worldwide is being affected by this war. It’s becoming a global crisis on many levels.

Then there is the responsibility at the soul level. Why would this happen? What are we to learn from it? Well for one thing it shows how groups of people will go to the aid of others; even to put themselves at risk. There are stories of US citizens leaving the safety of their homes to go fight in the war in the Ukraine. There are other stories of families being lost over there with many relatives here. Or still more stories of families here taking on the burden of fostering a Ukrainian family just to help them get settled here. Is God showing us the power of what we can do when pushed a bit?

I really hope that our prayers get answered and peace finds a way to prevail. Just pray for peace and for the highest good of all concerned. As always, comments are welcome.

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