The Circle of Life Book

Now available inspirational memoir:
The Circle of Life – a Journey through Grief to Understanding is the story of the spiritual events and synchronicity leading up to and after the death of my father, Alfred , and the one year grief and subsequent bereavement period of my mother, Lorraine. It describes the messages my father communicated to me just before and post death clair-audient in order to provide comfort to my mother. On many levels there are circles of ending and beginning again to complement the Circle of Life theme.

The Circle of Life-A Journey through Grief to Understanding, takes the reader on a journey on several levels. First, it is the story of man’s life, death and continuation past death. Joanne’s message is that this life is not the end; it does repeat. There is more. From the standpoint of losing a loved one, knowing there is a Circle of Life gives some comfort. This knowledge provides the grieving person with more to hold on to if they believe the soul of their departed lives on in another form that is no longer visible.

Second, it is the story of my father’s passing and how our communication continued beyond this dimension so that I could aid my mother during this difficult time. I did not have a close relationship with my father in life; however that seems to have changed as he approached death and surpassed it. Yes, we are closer now in many ways. During this whole discovery period, my father, in giving me inspirational messages meant for my mother, supported my own inner journey as well.

Third, it is the journey of my mother through her grief to understanding that death is not the end. It was extremely difficult for her to deal with the loss of the only man she ever loved. Without her knowledge, I captured the essence of her initial shock, grief, eventual acceptance and movement back into balance. Ma desperately wanted to believe Daddy’s messages, asking repeatedly for their details; however, her own prejudices had to be overcome due to her Jewish upbringing. I detail her struggle, not only to believe what my father wanted her to know, but his desire to communicate with her directly.

Many widows will identify with the stages that Ma went through in coming to terms with the death of her spouse and the impact the messages, as well as my inspirational guidance had on her.  Death is not the end and to many, this is comforting information. And, if we go inward, we can communicate with our loved ones, just as I did with Daddy. (Although my story is not specifically Jewish, there are Jewish aspects to it).

Although I acted as Ma’s personal life coach during this one-year bereavement period on a daily basis, in some ways I eventually learned from her. It was a case of the proverbial teacher learning from her student. This was a particularly interesting twist of fate since my mother had been an educator for over 35 years herself. At first, she didn’t want to hear me as her adviser, but eventually she came to accept and appreciate my comforting words. In turn, I would come to acknowledge her strength of character and interpretation of my inspirational messages. Her journey through grief to understanding also became my journey.

The book is now available on the publisher’s website. Please post a comment with your email or send a private message to me so that I can track interest. Thanks for stopping by!
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