Life Lessons – Being Heard?

We all have life lessons. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t be here. We’re on the earth to learn and move forward toward perfection. So, until then, there’s lots of stuff to be dealt with. Every once in awhile, this stuff pops up and we wonder where it came from. When we sit back and think about it, usually it refers back to a life lesson.

What was the situation? I decided to join a women’s social group and to show my support, I opted to attend a Sat. afternoon organizational meeting. Often, I have client coaching sessions, so to give up a rare free Sat. was a real show of interest. However, once there, I didn’t feel particularly good about the interactions or the outcome. After spending close to two hours with the other women in attendance, my ideas were either not included, shot down or somehow worked around. To make matters worse, the dates selected for the events, were already taken for me. I couldn’t even attend the events I was supposedly helping to plan.

What did I learn from this? I went home a bit frustrated and then sat down to think about it. I realized I hadn’t been heard, nor was I being included (since I couldn’t attend the programs). Something felt very familiar. It reminded me of childhood – I grew up as a baby boomer with parents who expected me to be “seen and not heard”. My opinion wasn’t important. I realized I was in a situation that touched on a life lesson from long ago – whereas in youth I couldn’t choose to stay or leave, now I had a choice. I decided this was not the right group for me. The energy just wasn’t right. I’ve not been able to attend any of there events.

The next step-
I let go of being sorry and looked for other groups and venues were the energy was more welcoming.

Once I made the decision that I only wanted to be in groups that wanted me and with people that wanted to listen to what I had to offer, lots of new people began to come into my life. In just a few short weeks, there have been several new people that I’ve met and interacted with that are genuinely interested, ask questions and remember what I tell them. Wow, what a difference! I might have this life lesson under my belt.

Does it feel familiar to you? Feel free to share your experiences.

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