Help Comes When You Need It – But How to Ask?

Life is full of challenges. If it were easy, we wouldn’t appreciate what we had. Sometimes we have to ask for help. We may want help, but do we actually ask for it? There’s actually a right way to ask for divine help. Here’s my approach.

First, one must be connected to the source. This is very much like plugging the TV into the wall. Although the access to channels is remote once turned on, the actual flow of electricity requires that the unit be plugged into the wall recepticle. And so it is with us. Our bodies, which contain our divine essence or soul, must be connected to our source. We do that by slowing down, get out of our left brain which allows us into our right brain or intuitive, creative side. Once in this quiet mind set, we open our channel to the divine essence.

“Slow down to hear one’s self go by”.

Second, allow yourself to be open to the communication. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t! More on this meditative state and the connection in another post.

Next, ask for what you are looking for. What problem do you want to solve? You don’t necessarily need to know the answer. The universe will provide the solution for you.

Here’s several recent examples that occured in my life:

I decided that I needed additional income, as coaching wasn’t bringing in the sum I had been used to working in corporate America. Because I wanted to continue to assist people with intuitive life coaching and pastoral counseling, according to what I now believe is my life mission, a full-time position was out of the question. What I put out to the universe during a meditation was, “I need additional income. Help me find a way to obtain it so that I can continue to assist people as well as complete and promote my forthcoming book”.

Within a few days, I received a request to do part-time consulting work. The timing looks like it will work out so that I can complete the most demanding aspects of the book production and then be available as a sub-contractor. The final results are TBD, but it would seem that the universe answered my request for help. Please note, I didn’t “do”  anything, other than ask and this opportunity came to me in an email.

The other request for help had to do with my book cover. Things with my current designer got a bit hairy one day, causing me great consternation. At one point I thought I might need to have someone else redo my cover. I thought it would be at great expense. I went on the internet searching for graphic artists who do book covers and found a site advertising very reasonable-priced ones. The next day I contacted the graphic artist and she offered to take a look at my file. She blew me away when she offered to fix it, if required, at no charge. The only possible answer is that universe sent me someone that would understand the expense already outlaid and would be kind enough to help me – possibly to get additional business in the future, but help nonetheless. I was floored. This is a backup plan, but she’s an angel for sure.

These are two good examples of how the universe delivers answers when we are connected, in good faith.

Comments as well as the sharing of your experiences are welcome.

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