Are You Getting Your Messages?

The first step in  getting your messages is to listen. Yes, I’ve said this before, but it is still the first step.

One Saturday morning, I was lying in bed really wanting to sleep. My cat was crying during the night and just being fussy. At age 16, I guess he’s entitled to be that way. In any case, due to his carrying on,  I didn’t sleep well. I had planned to go on a group walk . When I walk with the group, I not only walk longer – so it’s more of a challenge for me to get additional exercise, I have people with whom I can converse. Exercise and social interchange – both good reasons to get up. However, I was tired.

Then this voice inside my head said, “Get up and get out”. It was quite loud inside my head – as my clairaudient messages often are. However, I was determined not to listen, so I rolled over. The time moved forward. I looked at the clock. Perhaps I had stayed in bed too long to get to the group meeting point in advance of their departure time – 10:05 AM. It was now 9:30 AM. How could I possibly get out of bed, wash up, put on clothes, throw something to eat in my mouth and drive to the departure point all within the allotted time?

By the voice said, “Get up and get out”. Ok, Ok, so I threw the covers off the bed and called the contact phone number which I had printed out from the night before to ask for five extra minutes. The voice on the other end gave me a reprieve. Now, could I really do all that was needed to get me there? I’d really try.

When the universe pushes, it really does so. Perhaps even times collapses, since I made it. However, I noticed that a warning light came on my car dashboard “engine”. Oh, no. Well, there were lots of people on the walk who knew about these things and they began to ask me questions. Had I recently done this or that? I quickly figured out that my gas cap most likely hadn’t been screwed on tight enough which then caused the engine to register a fault. What fortune – luck? I don’t think so. I would not have know what to do if I’d seen this light on my own. Going to a gas station and hooking the car up to machines would have cost me $100. Upon returning from the walk, I merely unscrewed the gas cap and replaced it tighter. The next day, the light went out.

The universe forced me (figuratively via this message) to “Get up and out” in order to gain important information that not only saved me money but peace of mind. Looking up I say, “thank-you”!

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