Our energy invites what we give out

We manifest whatever we need at the moment based on the energy we give out. Without realizing it, we are attracting whatever we are thinking. So it’s like the law of attraction in reverse. What we are getting, is whatever we are giving out. That’s how we know where we are. This can be very useful if we are paying attention.

It can be as simple as love from an animal. My cats respond to me exactly as I am giving out to them. When they want to be around me, I know that I’m tending to them properly. If my female cat prefers to stay in the other room, I know that I haven’t paid enough attention to her. How amazing our furry friends are to be a litmus test of our emotions. Sometimes, I’m sitting on the sofa and I feel this little tap on my arm. It’s my female cat Judas letting me know that its time to pay attention to her. Wow, how she lets me know.

Meanwhile, my male cat Hercules was crying during the night and my vet said he was having panic attacks. While I was writing my book, I was staying up late and not wanting him to fuss with me. He was reacting like a small child not getting his way. Once I settled down and started loving him properly did the little guy totally calm down. Now he’s back to his old self. We are back to our normal pattern and both of us are getting more sleep.

Animals are wonderful mirrors for our patterns. But people are too. They often aren’t as obvious in letting us know when we are kind, mean, or otherwise not responding properly. But if we pay attention to their reactions, we can figure out how our energy is bringing us exactly what we give out.

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