Want one to chew on?

Ever think about how you use your gut to guide you on a daily basis without thinking about it?

Sometimes we just don’t feel like getting up. There’s this little voice inside our heads that tells us to roll over and get a few more winks. Usually, it’s just that we stayed up too late watching a good movie, but perhaps on this one day, it’s especially loud. Don’t get up. Stay in bed! Then you find out that the place you were going to work got blown up! Wow! That’s what happened to many people that didn’t go to work the day the plane hit the twin towers or the day the plane hit the Pentagon.

There are lots of stories like this. My mother was supposed to go to a party and decided at the last minute not to attend. Those that went together were in the same car; unfortunately, the car stalled on a railroad track as a train was coming and they were all killed. They couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. My mother was saved.

I was driving during the early morning hours towards an intersection and a little voice told me to “look left”. As I turned my head, I immediately put my foot on the brake in time to stop the car I was driving just prior to hitting another car that was zooming towards me. Had that voice not provided the warning, I might not be here today.

Don’t under estimate the power of your inner guidance system to give you warnings. But it’s important to pay attention and listen. Be vigilant and let your guidance guide you.

2 Responses to Want one to chew on?

  1. whecreahriz says:

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    • Christian, Glad to hear that someone is reading! I do appreciate the comment. Hope you like the new “do”. I’ve changed the theme to have more pizzaz. take care, Joanne


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