Is the intuitive foreign information?

Intuitive insights

 When we get information that seems to come from nowhere, is some foreign entity or spirit communicating with us? Or is it our own inner guidance connecting with our source?

A gentleman told me of his experiences today while at a public dance and from what he said, I believe this: he’s an engineer and so very dependent on his analytical mind (left-brained) that he has a really hard time recognizing when his right brain intuitive side is passing information (albeit creative thoughts and idea) to him. Thus  they seem so foreign, they must be coming from a source outside of him.

When I heard about his ideas and how he felt they were not his own, I began to understand. He felt that because they were so different from the analytical, data process producing answers that he would normally provide that “he” wasn’t producing them – it must be an entity outside of himself. He asked me if I every got communications from entities other than spirits that had passed on. In his case, he felt that some entity was “helping” him navigate his world, particularly coming up with brilliant ideas at work. Over the years, he’d had many such encounters with his helper. After listening to several specific stories and situations he provided, I felt that he was merely opening up to his more intuitive side but experienced it as a separate entity.

Hopefully, he can come to accept his more intuitive side as his own and be a happier, healthier person in the process. We all have an intuitive right brained side and its a natural extension of our being.

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