We can’t control everything

There are times when there is lots going on and we really want to get things under control. So we try to do our best to control, order, file and arrange. But no matter how hard we try, things just happen. There are many terms for it.. but stuff happens.

We can't control everything

We can't control everything

During one of these periods, I was driving down the street and a stone hit my windshield. It was a little stone but the impact cracked the windshield just enough making a replacement necessary. “Why did this have to happen to me?” I asked. So I asked my guidance for help in taking care of this situation – since my finances were short and this item was surely not on the list.The message I got from guidance was “we can’t control everything” but we can get “help” when we need it.

In no time flat, I received unexpected gifts of money, new clients and the money for this expense was worth coming. Ok, one aspect taken care of. Next, I found a company that made house calls. What convenience!

So, although we might want to manage all the details in our lives, the answer to all the chaos is not really in control, but in having faith that we will be guided to find the answers and to have the resources to solve the problems.  When we have faith, the chaos is sorted for us. It all works out for the best in the end.

My windshield was replaced and is in good order now and in the process, the universe reminded me that I must continue to trust that I will be guided to know the way.

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