Listen to your body

Those of us that are on a spiritual path understand that our inner guidance provides insights to know the best way to aline our path for the highest good of all concerned. But did you know that intuitive information comes from our bodies also? It’s just as important to “listen” to the physical signs that we receive from as bodies as it is to pay attention to the other types of inspirational messages that come from our divine essense.

So How does it work?

First, it’s important to understand that we are energy beings with seven energy centers called chakras. The heart charka, or energy center, is at the center of the bodies. It is this chakra that is the center point for all energy to pass through – from physical (lower 3 centers) to the spiritual (higher 3 centers) in the upper part of our bodies. How convenient!  The lower centers are for our physical, or earthly energy, and essentially keep us grounded (in our bodies). Thus it’s important to take walks, or do things that tie us to the ground.

It’s equally important to be “in our bodies” as it is to be “spiritual”, hence balance is always to be remembered.

When working correctly, every energy center has important information to relay to us – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Therefore,  we must stay vigilant to listening for all types of  intuitive messages. What are some examples?

Let’s say you have an imbalance in your throat chakra (energy center) – it could mean you have a thyroid condition (physical level), you are not speaking your truth (spiritual level) or you are in denial about something (emotional level).

Or, if you have a pain in your chest – it could be that you are not in your power(spiritual level), you are being warned about another person taking your power or making an important decision (emotional level), or you could be ill (physical level).

Here’s one more. Let’s say you feel a pain in your abdomen – this could mean that you are having trouble assimilating experiences (spiritual level), you have adhesions (physical level)- that relates back to the spiritual) and/or you are “sick to your stomach” over an incident that relates to the physical and the spiritual.

It’s all connected so next time you get a funny feeling in your body, “listen”.

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