Trust the Divine Plan

Money was tight this month. I thought about asking a local retailer if they needed an extra pair of hands for the Christmas holiday season. I dialed the number of the store after their opening time, but there was no answer. Granted, they could have just been busy; however, I see everything as a “sign”. My reaction was that this wasn’t the right thing to do since it wasn’t flowing smoothly to completion. Still sitting at my desk, I glanced at my email messages only to find one that totally took me by surprise. Moments after I wondered how I would pay my bills and was ready to work for very little money, I was being offered the opportunity to pilot a training program for my normal consulting fee.

Wow, now the picture was clearer. The universe was letting me know that all was well after all. Not to worry, the divine plan was at work.

Sitting back in my chair I surmised that I had been given a break during December – just some time off – and that I would be back working diligently in January. Money would be coming in with the New Year. God had a plan for me. All I had to do was trust that the plan was in place.

This type of “help and support” is not just for me but for everyone. Here’s another example that happened just last week. One of my girlfriends and I spoke last Thursday evening regarding her concerns over losing her position at work. The contract she was on was being rebid and her company might not win. What would she do worst case? I told her, imagine the worst! Then imagine that she had resources put aside for a few months, in the absolute worst case that another company didn’t snatch her up right away if she was laid off. I told her to turn the problem over to God and let the scenario play out. She felt better.

Coincidentally, we met for lunch the next day for our holiday gift exchange. Of course, I really don’t believe in coincidence. She was a different person as she excitedly told me the news. After our talk, she had in fact turned her problem over to God asking that she be divinely cared for, while this very morning she’d received an email from another organization offering her another position. Wow, fast work! Now she has options. She was still a bit concerned. Again I reminded her, “The right one is the one that works out.” “Go with the situation that feels right to you”, I told her, “but remember that when the events fall into place it’s the universe showing you which way to go.”

Remember that the divine plan is perfect even if we just don’t always have the right vantage point to see the whole picture. Trust that God’s plan is in place and all will be according to the highest good.

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