Pay It Forward

Pay it forward

Pay it forward

There is an expression going around lately called “pay it forward”. This means to do random acts of kindness without anyone doing anything nice for you… yet. In other words, you are kind, loving, sharing, etc. in advance of anything coming to you. It’s based on being in the Law of Abundance; that is, that there is an unlimited supply of everything around us. All we have to do is believe and it will be manifested for us. Is it hard to believe in such a miraculous concept? Well, people are starting to believe and such miracles are happening.

Here’s one of the many examples that I’ve personally experienced. Last Saturday I went to a spiritually-based program. The leaders practiced abundance in holding a program for donations only. During the program, the woman next to me wanted to buy one of my books as she knew someone who’d just lost a friend. She wanted to help her friend by giving him a copy of a book that is a spiritual perspective on death and dying in the hope that it would support his grieving process. I was happy to oblige. In the spirit of abundance, I added a donation to the box for the presenters since my “sale” happened just before their program. I was in the right place at the right time because of their holding this program and I wanted to continue the movement of positive energy.

After the program, while I was in the ladies’ room, a woman heard me mention my book, and said, “You’re an author?” “Yes, I replied”. “My book is available here in the library”. I saw the pained look on her face and I inquired, “Have you just lost someone?” “Yes”, she said. Then I offered to “check in” as I call it to see if her friend had information that might help this person with her grieving. We exchanged enough information so that if she was meant to receive a message she would get one. She hugged me being so grateful for my offering to help a perfect stranger. But I know the call to service when the bell rings for me. Meeting someone in such a synchronistic manner makes me take notice.

 I went home that evening and meditated. What was the situation with the departed? I picked up on his sorrow at leaving this world without his good-byes to his long-time friend, the illness which took him, partly of his own doing since it was addiction-related and one more thing. He also regretted a misunderstanding about an item of his estate and for whom it was meant. The next day, I called the woman and gave her my information. I was correct on all counts and she was extremely happy. She expressed her gratitude and wanted to repay me in some manner. I told her, “Don’t worry. The universe will take care of me.”

I didn’t have to wait long. The very next day I received a call from a woman who’d seen a notice about an upcoming presentation I was scheduled to do. She had checked my website and called me for a consultation. After the complementary phone session, she decided to book some coaching hours. There was no doubt in my mind what had happened. The universe was bringing business my way; I was getting back what I was giving out. Isn’t it just great how it works? Try it for yourself and see. In the meanwhile, you might be surprised where the good things will come from, so just allow it all to unfold.

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