Final Farewell – Saying Good-bye to a Pet is so Very Hard

April 11, 2011

My darling angel Hercules was laid to rest Thursday April 7 at 2pm in a lovely garden ceremony near my home in Reston, VA. We chose his favorite play area, which we called his bunker, to bury his ashes. As I’m a minister, I conducted a full pet memorial program complete with music, saging the site, appropriate prayers, verses and those present offering remembrances of Hercules. He was held in high esteem by all who knew him as a very lovable guy. Even my coaching clients would often enjoy having him on their laps during sessions and stated that he improved their experience. His energy was wonderful. I know God was with us during the ceremony, as it was a most beautiful and warm day, with the days proceeding and after rainy and cold. How could it have been otherwise when one of God’s own angels is returned to him?

Hercules laid to rest

Hercules was brought to me by God in July, 1994 after I had prayed for cats to show up on my property to keep me company. My prior pet had died about five years prior and I was lonely for a companion. I only had to wait 4 months when these little babies showed up. Hercules got his name by being the first to come to me and allow my touch – so he was the brave one. His sister, Judas was the sneaky one. (She is still with me and I have to remember to give her extra love as she wonders where he’s gone.) So God brought Hercules to me as my little angel for 17 years, and as he was only a gift, he was returned to God on Tuesday April 5 at 4:25pm.

Hercules loved me unconditionally and I loved him in return; in fact, I had to love him enough to let him go. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make. But let me say this. Now that I’m back in my logical mind, I realize that he was fighting to stay alive because he knew I was grieving. The signs of his severe deterioration were there, but I kept telling myself – just one more intervention and he’ll be ok. Eventually, I knew it was enough and together we made the decision over this past weekend. Somehow he knew, because Monday night he was more like his old self. He ate better, seemed more alert, and slept with me under the covers like he used to do prior to getting so sick. We had a very good last day.

Bless you Hercules. I couldn’t have loved you more and you couldn’t have loved me more. I learned never to let a day go by without telling you how much I loved you. I’m so glad that I did. You truly were a blessing, one that will remain in my heart all the days of my life.

Good-bye my angel. May God keep you safe in his divine light.

Our energy invites what we give out

April 18, 2010

We manifest whatever we need at the moment based on the energy we give out. Without realizing it, we are attracting whatever we are thinking. So it’s like the law of attraction in reverse. What we are getting, is whatever we are giving out. That’s how we know where we are. This can be very useful if we are paying attention.

It can be as simple as love from an animal. My cats respond to me exactly as I am giving out to them. When they want to be around me, I know that I’m tending to them properly. If my female cat prefers to stay in the other room, I know that I haven’t paid enough attention to her. How amazing our furry friends are to be a litmus test of our emotions. Sometimes, I’m sitting on the sofa and I feel this little tap on my arm. It’s my female cat Judas letting me know that its time to pay attention to her. Wow, how she lets me know.

Meanwhile, my male cat Hercules was crying during the night and my vet said he was having panic attacks. While I was writing my book, I was staying up late and not wanting him to fuss with me. He was reacting like a small child not getting his way. Once I settled down and started loving him properly did the little guy totally calm down. Now he’s back to his old self. We are back to our normal pattern and both of us are getting more sleep.

Animals are wonderful mirrors for our patterns. But people are too. They often aren’t as obvious in letting us know when we are kind, mean, or otherwise not responding properly. But if we pay attention to their reactions, we can figure out how our energy is bringing us exactly what we give out.

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