Angels on my Shoulder

December 10, 2018

During my recent trip to Portugal I had several experiences where I felt that synchronicity was at play to the extent that it must be my angels at work helping me. The story I’m going to relate in this article is that of my day trip to the historic town of Sintra, where just when I needed help, it was available to me.

After several attempts to take a group tour on this particular Saturday during my vacation failed, I decided to go it alone. Armed with travel brochures, internet information on the key sights, and information of what not to miss, I left my hotel about 8:30 am with a very positive outlook. I had already mastered the metro system to the point of knowing where the nearest stop was and where to get off, but I didn’t know how to find the connecting train station for the out of town trip to Sintra. Buying the ticket was easy at the ticket booth which was manned with a live person, asking in English is a forte of mine as I don’t speak Portuguese.

angelThe next step was to get off the metro and find the train station. I started to inquire of my fellow metro passengers who either didn’t understand me or didn’t know. This was strange to me since it was with in a short walk of the metro stop. Everything is different when one is in another country and not familiar. On the third try I happened upon a family with an elderly gentleman who seemed to be the local resident and the others, the visitors. In asking this group about the location of the train station, I discovered they were from Poland. I chimed in that my heritage is Polish as my Mother’s father came from Poland in the early 1900s, a town called Silencia. To my surprise, I was told that they came from this same place. I was asking for help from people of my heritage land! As we got off the metro, the elderly gentleman, most likely their father, speaking no English but made to understand my goal from his relatives, pointed the way to the train station. Yes! Mission accomplished!

Having my ticket in hand I quickly found my train on the track already arrived. I barely made it into a seat before the train left so my timing was quite good. As I settled in the seat I had found after searching for one up and down several cars, I noticed French spoken near me.

 In my usual brilliant way, I asked the young woman closest to me “are you from France?” She replied, “yes, we are from Lyon”, referring to the 3 couples in her group. This brief introduction began a conversation about our day in Sintra and planned itineraries. After hearing about the place I wanted to see they changed  their plan and decided to join me. I was thrilled. We all got off the train together and for the next 6 hours became a new unit, wherein I was treated like one of them… something like being an adopted Mom. The young woman had left her 8 month old baby at home for this weekend away with her Mom so perhaps she was in a very nurturing mode.

It turned into a wonderful day for me, where at first I thought I’d be alone I was accompanied by a nice group of friendly people all day while touring interesting sights. We even stopped and had tea together. It was a very warm feeling to chat and interact with these young people for the day. About 3pm we parted company as our desires changed… with me wanting to view the inside of the Pena Palace and their only wanting to see the outside gardens.. We said goodbye with invitations from the young woman to visit Lyon.

About an hour later I walked down the hill, took the bus back to the train station, then the train to the metro and as I was coming up the stairs from the metro station I looked up in amazement… could my eyes be deceiving me? There was the same group of French people looking just as amazed! I knew then that I had been experiencing a divinely inspired day complete with angels on my shoulder to look out for me. How else could I have met the same group back in Lisbon?

Although I had a two week vacation on my own and did some organized tours during that time, some of my best moments were when I just trusted that I’d be ok on my own and went out into the great unknown. It was when I was in the hands of my guides, that I was truly guided.

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Knowing when to let go of relationships

February 24, 2014

Life as we know it in the physical plane is not meant to be lived alone. We are here to learn lessons and that usually means that we need to mirror those lessons against others, whether it is at home with family and friends, or at work. We can try to protect ourselves from the pain and vulnerability of being in relationships, but that normally only serves to stunt our growth; thus, such an approach is counterproductive. We may save a bit of heartache by not being in relationship, but we will also suffer loneliness, alienation, and perhaps depression. Thus, what we try to get away from will come back to bite us.

One of the important characteristics of the physical world, in which the soul is born, is that it is a duality. That is, we have choices which must be made carefully in order to keep us out of trouble. Making choices that are in our best interest and for the highest good of all concerned is where the concept of discernment comes into play. There is always a continuum for any situation – a good choice for us but not so good for others; a bad choice for us but perhaps better for others; and then there are choices which take both sides into account and play out in such a way that soul growth for the individual is possible while taking into account the welfare of the others in the equation. This is how the best relationships are conducted.

ImageAnd then there is how we get into relationships in the first place. I believe that every person we come into contact with for more than a mere glance is meant to teach us some lesson at a soul level. It is always our choice if we are ready and willing to learn the lesson, however. So let’s say that we meet someone and we see signs that there are lessons to be learned. The signs can come in many forms – there can be synchronicities in birthdays, colors that both people wear at the same time, just the feeling/knowing, a dream or angelic revelation, etc. Sometimes each has some trait that is opposite in the other – such as one is overly masculine and needs to take on more feminine energy whereas the other is overly feminine and needs to take on more masculine energy. As the relationship progresses, the lesson unfolds.

Learning lessons can be challenging and can cause friction in the relationship making continuing difficult. Perhaps this is why so many marriages break up over what seems like small things. People talk about money, the other’s friends, not sharing interests, etc. but what is the real reason? I believe it goes much deeper; way down to the soul level. And, once the lesson is learned, whether it took a few days, weeks, months or years, the two could well part. Of course, there are many relationships that continue on even after the point where the learning has stopped and just the friction remains causing great consternation among those involved. When the two finally part, it’s normally in anger with years of trauma to overcome.

I hope that when it’s time to end a relationship, I’ll know the point at which it’s time to end and do so with the most loving heart possible. The goal is to have a win-win for both parties. Tell each other what was good in the relationship, holding back on what didn’t work so well, letting go of the negatives long enough so as to not destroy the other’s ego. Letting go in this manner saves face and is not only in the best interest of both parties, it takes into consideration that releasing someone in love sets forth the same energy to come to you. So let go with love and light and be in abundance so that you welcome in an even better situation next time.

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