Yellow Power Issues

June 19, 2013

The generally accepted chakra system of energy centers associates a color with each of the seven centers as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIB). Thus, the third chakra at the solar plexus is associated with the color yellow. Other characteristics associated with this energy center are being in one’s power, creativity and prosperity when working properly. If the third chakra isn’t functioning properly, the opposite values of these characteristics would prevail – such as not being in one’s power, being stagnant and being in scarcity.

So what does all this mean to us in the everyday world?  Quite often, people are drawn to the color of the energy that they lack or need in order to balance their energy. So, if an individual is lacking in power, or otherwise feel less than or powerless, they could be drawn to wearing yellow. Does it mean that every person we see that’s wearing yellow on a specific day is not in their power? Not necessarily, but it does mean that the color that someone is wearing could possibly be a point of consideration depending on the circumstances.

What is an example of someone wearing yellow indicating a power issue? I recently attended a class and the woman that sat next to me walked in wearing yellow from head to toe. She had on yellow pants, shirt, socks and even her purse was a yellow leather. Wow! I think this woman had more yellow-colored wear on than anyone I had ever seen. Now, like I said before, I didn’t think anything of it just based on this one description, but the plot thickened as the expression goes. When we gave our introductions, she made a very specific point of emphasizing how important her job, her position, her travels, her situation and yes, her life was to the world. I guess I’m exaggerating, but this is how it sure sounded to me. I was very impressed with just our totally impressed she was with herself by the sound of her introduction. It was quite clear how she viewed herself. So why was she wearing yellow? Was it just a happenstance; a coincidence of chosen wardrobe for the day? Let’s take a closer look.

As the day progressed, we had to make decisions about how we would move forward with our learning that we were expected to gain over the two-day training. To my total surprise, when this woman was put to the question, she refused to indicate a willingness to commit to totally moving forward. She disavowed one issue after the next in her life as reasons for why she wasn’t ready to move forward. Really?  I began to realize that when one is truly in their power, they don’t let issues dissuade them from moving forward, at least not conceptually. One stays in a positive space and just deals with issues as the normal challenges of life. She was showing her true state – she wasn’t in her power at all.

The underlying cause of the situation

My theory about wearing yellow when one needs the energy of the color was dead on – she needed the energy of power in any way she could get it. Feeling my energy and that I am in my power, seemed to be a threat to her. Since I read energy on a regular basis, I was quite aware of her reaction. My suspicions were confirmed when she tried to get others to join her creating a clique and dividing the group while getting others to join her energy. This is behavior of someone that is totally not in their power and needs the energy of others to feel secure. I really felt bad for her since she was clueless of how juvenile her behavior appeared to me (I’m not sure about the others involved as I can’t speak for them).

In the end, wearing yellow was most assuredly a sign of a power issue and of not actually being in power.

It’s Either Fear or Love

September 21, 2012

If you’ve been following my writings perhaps you remember me saying that “fear and love” cannot be active at the same time. But this is a topic that deserves repeating. Let’s start off with a definition:

What does it mean, “It’s either fear or love?”

Fear is active from our second energy center which is also where our drivers of sex, power, and money originate. It is also where anxiety as well as illness begins. Love, on the other hand, comes from the heart, the fourth energy center. Only when the heart is open can we be in a loving, caring, nurturing state. When fear is operating, the heart is closed and so not open to the positive energy that is possible.

 Why are we in fear?

When we are afraid that we’re not good enough, we shut out possibility. Being afraid only causes the energy of fear to multiply and come back in the way of chaos to harm us. How can this be the case?

Let’s say that you decide to start a business but are afraid you won’t be successful. The next thing you know events start happening that take up your time, while preventing you from moving forward with your vision. Thus, your fear has a self-fulfilling prophetic impact on your life.

Now let’s change the attitude to one of belief in yourself. By sending out positive thoughts such as I can do this or I deserve this because I’m a good person; I know my field and I am capable (all essentially coming from a love perspective, you set up the energy of positive events to come back to you. The next thing you know, opportunities are presented that allow you to fulfill your vision and you are successful.

Another example is with relationships: We may not be going out thinking, “Why bother, I won’t meet anyone anyway?” This is fear taking over when really the attitude is one of I’m not good enough.  The playing out is much like the above scenario. We don’t go out, there’s no opportunity to meet any new people, and thus the self-fulfilling prophesy takes over. If we change the attitude to, “I’ll go out and just have fun; while I’m out perhaps I’ll meet someone”, this positive outlook is inviting and will most likely attract new opportunities. And so it goes.

Why not try recognizing the fear for what it is, the shadow self, attempting to hold us back from moving forward with new opportunity. Let go of the fear and open space for love to enter your life.

Who Said You Were Ugly?

December 31, 2011

I went to a program the other evening to join a group for dinner. As I came a bit late, I sat at the only available seat down the end of the table. The gentleman on my left was the only person who’s voice I could hear as the conversation was aimed at the middle of the table. Perhaps it’s my life coach energy, but very quickly this man began to unveil his darkest secrets to me including his belief that he was very ugly. This revelation in the first ten minutes of our discussion was most amazing to me; in fact, no one had ever made such a statement to me. What made this remark that much more astounding, was I thought he was quite nice looking when I sat down. He seemed about mid-40’s, had good hair, a nice face and although it also included dark circles from anxious worry and sleepless nights, he was otherwise, quite pleasant on the eyes. But he had a much different self impression.

UglyHere’s the story he told me:

Apparently, as he conveyed to me, he’d been told directly that he was ugly. I sat transfixed in total disbelief as he repeated this phrase in one version or another. “How so?” , I asked. During a job interview, he swore that the interviewer actually told him that he was too ugly for the job. Then I asked he was interviewing to be a TV anchor. He responded in the negative. Well, then, how could anyone tell another person such a thing? It must be his imagination, but he was convinced otherwise. I said, well, just look in the mirror. That didn’t help since he saw exactly what he’d been told. He believed he was ugly. I felt it was a case of lack of self-esteem. Perhaps people saw his dark attitude and attributed this characteristic to being ugly, but not really being ugly.  No, he was really ugly.

There’s more..
Wow, then he began to tell me about the other things wrong with him. There were addictions, no friends, not being able to hold on to a serious female relationship…. And the one that really got him was not getting sufficient raises over the years since he’d worked very hard. I tried to explain that nothing is guaranteed in this world except… well you know death and taxes. Lots of us work hard, but only if you provide excellent service to your company do you normally get raises. And, if that’s not the case, it’s always your option to leave and go somewhere else that appreciates you more. Then the entitlement started. Why aren’t people given this and that?

Ok, so he’s living in the wrong country this he believes in socialism and this is a democracy. Of course, on close scrutiny, if he had the money, he wouldn’t want to share it equally with others. Funny how that works. At one point I thought I might be able to help him then I realized he had a lot more going on than I could work with. He probably needed to be on meds.

In the end
Since I had gone out to this group for social interchange and the prospect of a client was most secondary, I felt that I’d had quite enough of this very negative person (mind you it only took a few minutes for me to feel that way so I can certainly understand how others would feel if in my shoes). I did feel bad for him since he had a much distorted view of himself. He really planned to have plastic surgery to correct his face. I did tell him that was the worst thing he could do to himself since I understood his issue was internal and not external. I hope he listens to me and gets the right kind of professional help.

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July 24, 2010

Guided to be a publisher

November 4, 2009

Over the last few days, the universe has been guiding me on how to publish my book, The Circle of Life – A Journey Through Grief to Understanding. There are so many options to consider when publishing a book. Of course, I tried to get a standard contract but when one appeared, it wasn’t particularly attractive. Several local author’s told me to “CREATE YOUR OWN PUBLISHING COMPANY!” while others recommended just about every method possible. But the loudest voices in my head were the ones to CREATE for myself. I kept mulling the figures, the issues, the circumstances over in my head until I was surely in to the classic analysis paralysis.

So what happened?  The universe set me straight. A couple nights ago, I was driving along the road near my home, deep in thought, when my car was rocked and there was a loud thud on my driver’s door. As I turned to my left to see what caused the impact, I saw the face of a deer directly in my side window. Luckily, I was only going about 30 mph, but the deer hit the car directly. How badly was it hurt, I wondered? Pulling around the next bend, I turned around to search for the deer hoping not to see him (or her). At first, I didn’t see anything, but when I made another turn to come around again full circle I saw the deer in the same spot where it had been impacted by my car, still alive and sitting up.

What did I do?  Not wanting anyone else to get hurt, and hopefully wanting to help the deer, I drove another block to the local fire station to report the incident to the police. Inside the fire station a very nice fireman calmed me down, as I was visibly shaken – I felt bad for the deer – then we began to chat while waiting for the police to arrive. After about 30 min. I realized that the police hadn’t responded to the call made by Max, the fireman. Max and I were involved in a spiritual discussion about near death experiences and other interesting happenings of firemen. He then offered to check out my car to determine is there was any damage (not much – just the front bumper was scraped and bented a bit) and informed me how lucky I was not to have been hurt.

What was the result?  Although Max called the police again, this time a different dispatcher informed him that a deer hitting a car wasn’t a reportable incident (for my insurance company) and if the police found the deer they’d put it down. Oh no!  So Max agreed to go with one of his fireman buddies to check out the deer and see if he could help it (perhaps call the animal control). I left the station and was pleased to not find the deer – at least not in the road when I did another drive around. So the deer didn’t die in the road, and was only bruised by the impact (one can hope).

How was I guided? what does all this mean? people impact deer all the time. why was this incident so special? I was about to leave the house at 7:45 pm dressed to go out for the evening to a favorite dance place I hadn’t been to in a long time since my legs were bothering me. As I was leaving my bedroom, something pulled me back to my computer to search for a logo for my newed named publishing company (I went to the court house yesterday to file for my company name). I didn’t leave the house until 8:15 pm as a result (having created my new logo with an on-line service. I’ve been driving for over 30 years and have never hit a deer. But my timing was so perfect this night that I hit one. WHY?

Perhaps the universe was telling me that my decision to go out was not a good one. My legs were not up to dancing (hence I turned around and went home after the fire station). I got some nice conversation with Max anyway (one of the reasons I wanted to go out in the first place). What’s the probability of that? And, perhaps the other reason is that deciding on which publishing option is….

not a life or death decision. the deer might live or die.. I wasn’t killed.. but I could have been… so could have the deer. but deciding on this option or that, this number of copies or this paper or that website is not life or death…. the precision with which all this occured reminded me once again that nothing in the universe happens by change…. there are no loose ends…. it is all perfect. I also found out that I was totally covered by my insurance company for the damage to the car… again I got the message… it was all perfectly arranged..

I knew at this point the message was clear. The answers to all my questions would come as I needed them. I got into bed knowing this.

This morning everything fell into place. I called my editor, we talked and one by one each decision seemed to be made. Today everything seems so much easier and alot less expensive than I thought. The universe is coming through for me.

 Just listen to your messages and the answers will be there also.

Abundance is about not being in scarcity

October 29, 2009

What is the Law of Abundance? What we give out comes back to us multiplied.

How do we attract abundance? We all want stuff in our lives – friends, support, guidance as well as financial security. The way to attract what we need is to give it out first – something like what I’ve heard called “pay it forward”. Doing it first sets the stage for us to attract it back.

What is scarcity? When we worry about our finances and pinch pennies more than necessary, don’t help others in need, walk around with a torn wallet because we don’t want to replace it then we are essentially in “scarcity mode”. This is definitely negative energy.

Here’s an example of being in abundance and the universe returning the energy of unlimitlessness back to us…. last night I went to a women’s social network group in order to expand my circle of friends. I met a woman who had major stuff going on – a husband that left her on their 25th anniversary and lots of pain in her body. To me, she deserved some help so I offered a free intuitive life coaching session in the hope that I could discover where some of her negative energy was coming from. What was the negative pattern she was holding and how could I help her overcome it? My selfless offer was repaid rather quickly.

This morning I was researching publishing options for my forthcoming book, The Circle of Life-A Journey Through Grief to Understanding. I came upon another author who had used the editor I’m considering and he was most generous with his time in not only giving the editor a referral but in providing his publishing experience and contacts. My abundance came back to me multiplied. He even offered to host a book signing. Wow! He didn’t even know me.

Hello world!

September 11, 2009

How do you know if Right Action is Happening?

What is Right Action and how do you know if it is happening in your life? when events fall into place like dominoes you know that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

What’s an example?

Let’s say you’re searching for a new career position. In one case, you send in a resume and don’t get a response. You can assume it wasn’t the right position for you. You try again with another company and are asked in for an interview. However, after repeated follow-up they don’t respond. Again, it wasn’t the right position otherwise, they’d be after you. Don’t bang you’re head against the wall. Now let’s say you go to a job fair, are interviewed by several people are called back for another interview and are then offered a position, it’s most likely the right thing. This assumes it was in an area that you liked in the first place.

After 12 years of working for the federal government I decided to leave. In sending an email out to a number of contacts, I received a response from one within 15 minutes. This company invited me to interview on a Sat., a follow up interview came right away and I knew if I didn’t say anything stupid, I’d get the job. Events fell into place like dominoes. That’s an example of right action.

When you’re on the right path doing the right thing, right action happens. You know it because events fall into place easily. If it didn’t work out, it wasn’t the right thing.

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